Athealse.netHow to get the most out of xanax

How do I get the most out of my Xanax prescription? Drugs

03.30.2019 by Brianna Marshman

I was in the exact same situation. Even 2mg, that would be considered a recreational dose, had me apathetic and sleepy.

How to get the most out of xanax
How do I get the most out of my Xanax prescription? Drugs

But have 1mg of xanax and 2 beers after 45 minutes. Feels very good, much more than 2mg. You won't regret it.

Woah there. What's with all of these people ling others to drink on benzos. That's a recipe for a blackout. Don't do this.

Take less and lower your expectations.

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Clonazepam has always fucked up my memory with or without alcohol. That said, I've never drank on xanax. With kpin, the long half life was what killed me. I'd have a few drinks the day after taking kpin and still black out. Everyone's different of course, but I just think its best to air on the side of caution.

So I'm prescribed. 5mg Xanax pills for my anxiety. I like to dabble here in there in recreational drugs and even though everyone raves about Xanax, I just don't see it. It just makes me fall asleep. Doesn't make me feel any different, certainly not euphoric.. Just tired.. Why does everyone love Xanax? I don't understand. People who do love Xanax, how does it make you feel? After a long day of work and school, I would love to come home and be able to relax without knocking out. I would also love to be able to take it for its actually purpose - to relieve my anxiety. But even in the middle of an anxiety attack, I hold back from taking it because I'm scared of falling asleep on my desk. Am I doing something wrong? What do I do to get the most out of my Xanax prescription?

Have the same terrible anxiety as you do with weed. Benzos allow me to enjoy it again.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Benzos are not euphoric. The "high" is the release from stress. And of course they're going to make you tired; its a depressant.

you won't ever black out drinking two beers with 1 mg of xanax. i agree ling someone to drink on benzos is dumb, but that's not a recipe for a blackout.

You're lucky to still have a healthy tolerance. It sneaks up on you in an instant! I love/hate the shit.. Am 21 was prescribed around 14.. I was slave to it for a while. And withdrawals suck. Not being negative, sorry, be safe :).

is there a huge difference between drinking on xanax and klonopin? When I've taken klonopin before parties I was anxious about and had like 4-5 drinks I've been fine. I know xanax is a lot shorter acting, but does that mean alcohol fucks you up more with xanax?

People not prescribed benzos typically get a much different feeling from taking them than those who are prescribed. To get the most out of your prescribed xanax, take them less frequently.

I used avoid cannabis, even if offered because of the anxiety. Smoking less (like 3-4 hits of a joint) combined with some alcohol and 1mg xan made me able to some again in public while enjoying it. So a yes yes.

If you read this subreddit long enough you'll find hundreds of similar cases. There are a lot of either stupid or evil doctors out there prescribing that shit to kids. And this is coming from someone who loves to take xanax recreationally.

If I'm experiencing heavy anxiety if I dose around 1.5mg Xanax the feeling I get is on par with a moderate opioid dose in terms of the feeling of sheer relief I get.

1mg+two beers, even without tolerance won't be dangerous, not eve on the blackout side. 2mg alone with no tolerance is more prone to blackout, and less recreational than 1mg+a little alcohol.

Drinking on klonopin is the same danger level as drinking on xanax. Same type of drugs, very very very similar effects.

Try using it as prescribed, next time you have an anxiety attack, take. 5 or 1mg maximum and it will kill that anxiety. If you're experiencing high anxiety it should bring you back down to base level and not just knock you out, in my experience.

I wouldn't say that. I've blacked out on what seemed like totally responsible amounts of alcohol and benzos. Everyone's different, and drinking on benzos is never good advice, no matter the dosage.

If in feeling normal, yeah, no high just sleepy and feeling real carefree.

Xanax feels good with mixed with other drugs, alone it sucks.

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Thanks for the advice! I used to smoke a lot of weed but ever since my anxiety has worsened, I haven't been able to smoke weed. It makes so paranoid and anxious to the point where I now see it as the worst thing in the world. (Not for others, just myself) like you couldn't pay me $100 to smoke a joint. But I used to love it! Do you think Xanax would make it easier for me to enjoy smoking weed again?

Woah woah woah...did you just say you were prescribed xanax at 14?!?! Fuck that doctor forreal!

Also it's very good 1mg with weed.

When I'm alone I some cannabis+2mg xan+some alcohol and it's actually heaven. Cannabis and and low dose xan make the cannabis paranoia disappear. Would recomend 100% if you get anxious on weed. It's a compley different experience 449k friendly faces 6.0k beaming smiles.

How to get the most out of xanax