Athealse.netDoes xanax work faster if you put it under your tongue

Ativan question?

03.31.2019 by Matthew Allford
Does xanax work faster if you put it under your tongue
Ativan question?

I have been taking Ativan (lorazepam) 0.5mg off and on for about a year, and it allows me to confront situations I used to avoid due to anxiety, actually gives me a little more confidence when facing an inevitably stressful event (ie holidays with certain family members) my question is: When I started taking them, it was due to severe panic attacks and I was instructed by my Dr to place it under my tongue for quick results, but it wears off fairly quickly too, Would swallowing the pill normally have a longer lasting result? I'm trying to take as few as possible, and end up putting 2 or 3 under my tongue as they wear off.

Posted 24 Jan 2011 • 4 answers.

the most I've taken in a day is probably 6, or 5mgs. I just hate walking around with pills in my pocket, ready to pop at any time I get panicky.seems like I could become too dependent. I'm prescribed to "take one tablet 0.5mg as needed for anxiety" Which, for a person like me, is somewhat vague since I'm anxious and/or worried about most things in general.ugh. Thanks so much for the quick response. I asked the Doc if i was expecting too much in terms of length of the calming effect, or should I possibly try a higher dosage.he's reluctant to increase the dosage due to my history and other meds.

She was prescribed it for bad back 40 years ago and has been taking it on and off for years. Its a vicious circle and is ruining/has ruined really family life. Do you have any advice going forward?. mazzo, I've been following threads about Ativan medication and withdrawl. My 76 yr old mother is psychologically and physically addicted to @1mg of Lorazepam. Doc told her "90% of people never come off ativan". She finds antidepressants make her feel awful. Unhelpful! She is building up tolerance to it now and is taking more for an ever increasing plethora of ativan related malaise/symptoms. She tried to come off for 2 years (without ssri help) 5 years ago and the pain was too much so she didn't win through.

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If you take the whole pill it works in about 30 min. I switch back and forth between lorazepam and diazepam. I have been on ativan 3 mg a day for years. The ativan when chewed and swallowed workes in about 15 min.

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Posted 31 Jan 2017 • 1 answer.

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Hi abitskittish, this is the PERFECT place to go into any medication problems that you may be having, but if the problems are resolved you certainly don't need to go into them, but. other people read these threads, and you just may be helping another if you add your other problems. Tis up to you, of course. All the best to you! You are welcome.

All the best. Thank you L for having such trust in me.

If you are looking for a longer acting anxiety med ask your doctor about Klonepin (sp?). My husband takes the equivalent dose of Klonepin 3x day. I take Ativan 1 mg up to 3 x day. Klonepin is in the same family, however it is a longer acting drug. Good luck! T.

Posted 14 Aug 2017 • 1 answer.

Thanks so much, and yes I know its not good so many. esp since it makes easy to "lose track" of the amount. like taking an aspirin just in case you may get a headache later (prob a bad comparison). but he makes the big bucks so he must be right! Thanks again for your advice. I feel I'm using it as a crutch, in a prevention manner. What I'd like to see happen is possibly a higher dose, or even some sort of other time released similar med, that I can take with my breakfast, and be done with for the day. My Dr just seems to be pretty inflexible about other prescribing, dosing options.

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You are most welcome.

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And yes, tis a crutch of sorts, yet if I didn't take it, I would have panic attacks right and left. I KNOW I'll be OK, no panic, no horrible anxiety. Hi abitskittish and masso, I take xanax prophylactically (sp), as you mentioned, before I get whipped into a frenzy or spin off into orbit. So, it's a decision you must make, do you want to be crutch-less? If so, don't take it until you are in full blown panic. Then put it under your tongue and take it sublingually. I wish you the best!.

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Talk to different professionals and be honest. Klonopin is stronger. Ativan is mostly prescribed for sleep. depending on your doctor some are not fans of some medications like Ativan. So you need to research this and not on the web.

Tonight you'll have loads of info. may I ask if you are prescribed 2 or 3 at a time, as this seems like a high dose, but it depends on the miligrams I suppose. But do wait for others to answer you, as the info I read may be wrong. Hi abitskittish, I googled this, and I found a site (sorry, I can't put the site here for you) that says the bio-availability of taking it by swallowing or sublingually are about the same. Good luck, Mac P.S. There is a man, his username is masso, he is VERY knowledgable about benzo's and most medications, he may be at work right now, as most members are at work. Someone will be along shortly to add their answer. There are several people that are experts about benzodiazapines, so hang in there. I found this surprising and sort of doubt it's truthfulness.

This takes only a few minutes, since sublingual pills dissolve rather quickly and the medication enters the bloodstream right away, Ativan in this case can work faster than if it were taken orally, swallowed and digested. From my experience, when sublingual pills are dissolved under your tongue, the medication directly enters your bloodstream via capillaries that are under your tongue. I take Ativan (lorazepam) at the moment, and what your Dr. With regards to how many pills you are placing under your tongue, what has happened to you (from my experience) is that you have built up a tolerance to this medication, and that is why you end up taking more than you should (not judging you at all), which is not good, the more you take the more tolerant you will become to lorazepam and most medications. Take care. said is true.

Posted 13 Jan 2013 • 1 answer.

I realize this isn't one of the powerful drugs out there, but I've gone down some ugly roads with meds in the past (i'm sure this isn't the place to go into that mess :) and I may seem overly concerned, but I'm determined to get all information angles I can. I do appreciate your input and time in responding. Thanks again Mac and Masso.

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Hello abitskittish and Mac.

Only one word and ask her Dr.: Rehabilitation.

Does xanax work faster if you put it under your tongue