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3.8.2018 by Alexis Johnson

I am prescribed trazadone for anxiety and low mood but am concerned that it says this tablet can cause depression and suicidal thoughts.

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Dear Sahzrag... yes it is true that all antidepressants will say what you have read... it is a byproduct of our litigious society... that being said... when a person is severely depressed it is well documented in the literature that this is the time when they can become the most suicidal... when the depression lifts they now have the energy to accomplish the act. This is a critical time period to watch someone who is severely depressed... and the key word here IS severely. I hope that this helps somewhat. Unfortuany with antidepressants, many times it is a trial and error type of thing... what works for one may not help another. There are so many variables. This is the nature of depression and it's treatments. I hope that you soon feel better.

Can xanax cause depression suicidal thoughts

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Yes it is puzzling, all anti depressants say that. Wish I had the answer to that one too.

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Hi SHAZRAG, I agree with papasam. All antidepressants warn the same thing. I think it's in the literature because depressed people in general are more likely to do harm to themselves, but def NOT NECESSARILY!! Also, it would seem that the manufacturers are covering their own ummm, rear ends? Hope you got me on that part? Best wishes and I hope you feel better soon!! Most people (people that I've read about on this site) do quite well with Trazadone. Good luck!!

Hello SHAZRAG. Most every psychiatric drug carries along with it side effects and especially so for the young and elderely. A common one is the impairment of thinking things out properly, judgement. That side effect alone carries alot of potentialy dangerous situations. Acting out things on the spur of the moment is another one. Feeling more suicidal, or anxious or your depression becoming worse are direct possible side effects from taking a given medication. Because of our chemical make up, in regards to our age, the young and elderly, thier brain development as well as thier physical is at the stage where the chemical compounds of that particular drug, works adversely, against the problem and, works in a harmfull way, instead of a helpfull. Thier doses are watched there fore very carefully. Same for you and me but because our brain is at the stage where we have the ability to fend of the unseen adverse effects, the chances of the adverse side effects in happening to us area lot less.Best wishes.

Can xanax cause depression suicidal thoughts